The Buncher Company has been a leader in developing and leasing high-quality business space since 1954. Real estate decision makers place their confidence in our reputation to deliver results that support their real estate goals.

Creative and Flexible Leasing

    The Real Estate Group provides clients with leasing arrangements that are tailored to fit their operational and fiscal objectives including:
  • "Total Turnkey Service" offerings
  • Attentive client service
  • Generous build-out standards
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Purchase/leaseback arrangements
  • Flexible expansion and relocation packages

In-House Expertise

    Our real estate professionals exclusively control the development, leasing, and management of The Buncher Company's properties. Because we build, lease, and maintain our own properties, The Buncher Company can deliver results to fit any real estate requirement. We work with you to analyze your requirements, make design and material recommendations, and submit preliminary drawings with a firm proposal at no cost or obligation.

Experienced Team Members

    The combined experience of our Real Estate Group, coupled with our dedication to individualized attention, provides our clients with unmatched service and support. We focus on every client from the initial meeting through the planning, implementation, construction, and occupancy phase of each project.